US to allow banks to do business with licensed marijuana companies


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Why don’t the pot guys just bank with HSBC? I thought they already had legal immunity for handling substantially harder drug money…


Immunity is reserved for illegal transactions under a cloak of shadows.


see this article in today’s Guardian online:
Uruguayan president says US and Europe need new strategy on drugs


“…green light…”
“… joint statement…”

I’m “rolling” on the floor.


I’m waiting for the part where the DoJ changes its mind and uses bank records to round everybody up.


Selected capitalism?

How does that work?


This entire debate has me seeing red. Obama could fix this entire abomination of injustice with a stroke of his pen. Fucking reschedule pot. That is all he has to do. He doesn’t have to ask congress for permission. Just fucking sign the executive order and it is done, and we can slowly start dismantling the machine that sending tens of thousands of innocent victims to jail each year.

How the fuck someone sleeps at night knowing that millions of Americans have gone to jail for a victimless crime that they has committed is beyond me. I think in order to be president you need to literally be a sociopath. No one with functional human emotions should be able to merrily let such blatant hypocrisy and an abdominal miscarriage of justice go one if they have the power to stop it. Our last three presidents have, without any doubt, been just the sort of sociopaths able to condemn millions to prison time and ruined lives for things that they have done. You could almost rationalize this sort of madness if he had another election to win, but he doesn’t.

Fuck Obama. Fuck that guy up and down. The only nice thing I have to say about Obama is that he was slightly less horrible than the alternative. He is better than Romney, but woo-fucking-ho. That is like saying Stalin was better than Pol Pot. It isn’t a compliment.


slightly less horrible than the alternative

Horrible, but not slightly less.

As someone who helped to get marijuana decriminalized in Colorado despite many unhelpful naysayer idiots from both the right and the left… I can tell you that none of this would have been remotely possible under Bush, McCain, Romney or nearly any other viable Republican for the presidency.

Obama sucks and has been worse than G W Bush on some aspects of the drug war bullshit and that’s despicable, but please stop resorting to false equivalence in frustration. Republicans love it when you do that.

I just want to live in that photo.

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