US towns that pandered to anti-immigrant sentiment had to raise taxes and borrow to cover the millions in losses


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But why didn’t the councillors have to pay as individuals?


Fascist US towns that pandered to anti-immigrant sentiment had to raise taxes and borrow to cover the millions in losses


We’re all living in that small town now.
And we’re all going to lose.


Always so negative, BoingBoing. Think of the amazing and well-paid jobs that opened up for the white residents of those towns once they succeeded in keeping out the undocumented workers. Stoop agricultural labour! OSHA-free meatpacking! Dishwashing! Cleaning toilets! These towns are Making America Great Again.


TBH, fuck those towns. The only issue is that all of us are going to pay now thanks to Drumpf and the TGOP.


In 2015, a federal judge ordered Hazleton to pay $1.4 million to the lawyers who had fought the town.

That’s the town where I was born. sigh


This seems overly optimistic to me, but I guess we’ll know soon-ish.


Isn’t it clear by now it’s not about jobs for white people or jobs for brown people - it’s about jobs for politicians.


Well, sure. Right-wing populist politicians in America only get their jobs by promising white people the jerbs to which they’re “entitled”.


It seems that the greatest number of jobs trump is going to create will be Lawyers.


#Same as it ever was.


One of the biggest problems in public policy is that the U.S. isn’t creating new ghost towns anymore.


Ghost are bad tax payers and contribute very little to local economies, thus, fewer ghost towns.


Cities that should be allowed to become ghost towns don’t have local economies!


What would be cool is if the people he appoints come out and say “We’ll do our jobs based on the law and the Constitution” and ignore the political stuff. I can dream…


It’s not like their going to do the jobs the immigrants do.

Found some links about when Alabama tried this crap


Now for a touch of reality. Elected officials in poorly run corrupt towns often waffle on about identity issues to cover over socio economic issues because they are robbing the place blind. Ohh look they do exactly the same thing at state and federal level.
Politicians defrauding the majority of the population is extremely corrupt scams, always, always start pursuing bullshit issues, blame the immigrants they did it not us, blame unions they did it not us, blame foreigners they did in not us, blame anyone else but the corrupt politicians who caused it, works for quite a while until it all finally collapses.
Nothing what so ever to do with immigrants and all to do with bullshit screaming about nationalism or reproductive rules or family issues or terrorists or immigrants or sexual preferences or blah, blah, blah.

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