US trade rep threatens Colombia's peace process over legal plan to offer cheap leukemia meds


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I hereby invite Clinton to do the right thing.


Same here, and post haste please.


“very worried” the Gleevec case may become a precedent.

The precedent being, if you don’t show up at the negotiating table, you may not get what you want. Is that Socialism?


Better let @khepra know. I believe it has an open line to HRC? :wink:


free market unless it costs campaign donors money. Then the government has to step in.


Heads they win, tails you lose.


You obviously don’t understand what ‘free’ means in ‘free market’.

Free to operate a protected monopoly.
Free to use the court system to bankrupt you before you can bring your product to market
Free to get patent and copyright laws changed to protect the first on the market until their grandchildren have grandchildren
Free to enact tort reform so that if you copy a song it’s 150,000 fine - but if I maim you for life you are capped at 1 million dollars (Texas rocks!)
Free to spend unlimited money on donations to politicians to buy legislation
Free to ignore safety
Free to abuse workers
Free to pay less than a living wage and make the government make up the slack (bonus points for making people who need the government into the scapegoats!)
Free to send thousands of jobs to China to save $1.50 per iphone built
Free to pay enough displaced workers to troll the internet and post my propaganda to ensure no real public debate or unrest is seen/heard

That’s what ‘free’ means. You need to learn your definitions.



Well, c’mon. We’re talking intellectual property here. Priorities here, people!

Obligatory News of the Weird:

Convicted embezzler Antoinette Galluzzo, who admitted stealing more than $50,000 from a city youth agency in Englewood, N.J., was ordered in April to pay “restitution,” but the amount Judge Eugene Austin settled on was $10 a month – and only during the period of probation (three years).
On the other hand, in federal court in New York City in April, Kerry Haggard, 47, was sent to prison for 6 1/2 years on one count of selling fake movie lobby posters. [Associated Press via, 4-12-2012] [Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald, 4-10-2012]


Who runs this excrement-train? It’s not Obama.


As I grow older I keep expecting to detect signs, any signs, that the world is getting better. I suspect my long, white beard will come in sooner.

Edit: I’d post a link to SNL’s long white beard skit here but apparently it’s only available on Hulu or some similar shit. I guess the prefer no one watches it.


Froman, the son of Abe Froman - the Sausage King of Chicago, could not be reached for comment.


I thought it was a given that “trade” agreements with the USA were a set of one-way obligations. Are there people who expect America will be bound by those rules?

Truly despicable, republicans, you somehow always manage to outdo yourselves, endlessly mining the depths of human misery.


They need to stick at it, as we are approaching Peak Misery.


Why is the Hatch staffer not named? If the visit to the Columbian embassy was part of Senate business, I would think his name would be part of the public record.


Which trade agreements of the last eight years, negotiated and proposed by the Obama administration, have the despicable republicans failed to ratify???


We live in cyberpunk hell as is with the corps controlling governments and everyone is clearly bought.

Can we at least have some of the cool shit to go with the badness? Please?


I know, right? It’s not even sunny enough for my mirrorshades round our way, yet just slightly too warm for my black leather jacket. Awkward as hell, I tell you. You can buy weird, frightening drugs from shady labs in the Far East, and dick around in virtual reality though, I guess.


I can’t imagine that Colombia would be up for it; but this seems like a situation where ‘yeah, or we could stop fighting your war on drugs and adopt a see-no-evil policy toward all parties producing for export rather than domestic sale…’ would start to be awfully tempting. Colombia doesn’t have tons of leverage; but we probably couldn’t force them to continue being a conveniently remote battlefield for us.