US Veterans Affairs official sorry for retaliation against whistleblowers




Sorry? Really? Blow me down.


But of course every other agency has treated whistleblowers with respect, dignity, and honesty. Absolutely not pandering, dismissal, or retaliation.

I think I used up all my sarcasm today


I was threatened with arrest for complaining about how badly my treatment plan was going at Long Beach VAMC.


Who threatened you? A generic answer will suffice.


Oh an apology?
OK then. Guess we solved the problem!

These are the same people who gave themselves overwhelmingly positive performance reviews while they were delaying vets all the way to the grave.


The VA federal police.


This doesn’t surprise me. Also at Long Beach. A friend & neighbor has been waiting over six months to have a benign tumor about an inch long removed from his thumb. It’s benign, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t causing damage. The longer they wait, the greater the risk of major permanent nerve damage as a result of the surgery.

He was supposed to have it excised last week. They called the day before, and delayed it for another three weeks. He very politely warned them that he understood his legal rights to sue if injury resulted from the delay. I made sure that photos of the tumor’s size were taken on the day the surgery ought to have occurred. We’ll be taking another set before his surgery.


Well, an apology is nice.

It’s also cheaper than (for instance) paying the legal bills for the whistleblowers who were prosecuted, or the damages for the ones who spent time in jail, or lost wages for the ones who were dismissed, demoted, or had their personnel files black-flagged. But that’s rather too much to expect.

Still, an apology is better than what a lot of whistleblowers get.


Jeez, I never knew they existed. Since when is a complaint a crime?


Be nice if impeding oversight was a felony.


That’s SOOoo like them. Horror stories from the butcher shop.


Yep. I’ll just look out for his best interests, and we’ll hope the surgery doesn’t get pushed back again. Sorry for your own troubles with them.


Starting optional wars while slashing veterans’ benefits leads to discontent? Nobody could possibly have predicted that.


They, the VA Officials, are only sorry, if they get caught. Otherwise they could care less about the Veterans.

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