US veterans operate in Yemen as mercenary assassins for Middle Eastern autocrats


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Saudis confirm Jamal Khashoggi's death; top military official dismissed, 18 Saudis detained in probe

These are horrible times to be a science-fiction writer. All the dystopian scenarios you can dream up become real before you’ve even finished the first draft.


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This has been going on for millennia, the former conquering armies disperse, and then raise up as the Dogs of War.

The US gov is the worst offender, and has been since its inception.


The owner of Spear cheerfully admits that he pays his employees to assassinate people on behalf of the UAE government and says that the USA should have its own mercenary assassination squads.

These thugs should never be allowed to set foot in the U.S. again and their employers (including Prince) should be required to join them in the field for good. But of course 4-year-old immigrant kids are the real threat to this country.


Yet any Canadian suspected of legal cannabis use in their own country can be denied entry to the US.

Regretfully have to disagree. They’re our international responsibility.


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The mercenaries, he said, were almost like a murder squad.



Well maybe not since its inception. There were bigger, meaner Euro war doggies roaming around South America, Africa, and Asia while the US had tiny armies and piddly navy.

But I think that sometime after the Monroe Doctrine and Manifest Destiny and yet before WWI the US military began its climb to a dirty hate machine thinking of things like Project Pluto:

In addition to gamma and neutron radiation from the unshielded reactor, Pluto’s nuclear ramjet would spew fission fragments out in its exhaust as it flew by. (One enterprising weaponeer had a plan to turn an obvious peace-time liability into a wartime asset: he suggested flying the radioactive rocket back and forth over the Soviet Union after it had dropped its bombs.)


England For The Win!!

Emphasis for comedic effect, your experience of Imperialism may vary, terms and conditions apply.


The alternative is just what the Spear boss wants: political murder squads roaming around the U.S., killing on behalf of right-wing billionaires. Which will ultimately mean that the U.S. will take even less responsibility for their killings abroad. We’ve exited the realm of dystopian fiction here – this is all too plausible. The sister of one of the worst mercenary bosses is Secretary of Education right now.

What’s really needed, of course, are laws that ban Americans from forming or joining mercenary armies in the first place. But that won’t happen under the current regime.


Support the troops… amiright?




The “proud boys” and the rest of their neo-nazi friends are already openly endorsing and celebrating Pinochet’s and Galtieri’s practices of throwing political opponents out of helicopters. That is a very, very short distance from brownshirts and death squads.

Someone please vote D for me in three weeks (I don’t get to vote).


You know who else was a mercenary?


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Company owner is an Israeli. What a surprise.


Stuff like that is nothing new. In the 1950s to 1970s there were quite a lot german mercs working for warlords and gouverments in various southamerican, african and middleeastern wars, after they had a, well lets say, “career setback” in the 1940s…


Green Berets, Navy SEALs, CIA “ground branch”


and the special forces of the Maryland Army National Guard

Wait. What?