Leaks: Mercenaries targeted Standing Rock water protectors with anti-terrorist tactics


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/05/27/provocateurs-and-drones.html


Seems like the same could be said of this so-called “TigerSwan” operation.

Is there any other kind?


There seems to be some missing … and stuff.


So a private contractor used photo drones with blessings, but when protestors used one, the police had spasms.


When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. The mercs are just doing what they are trained to, the question is who decided hiring mercs was an appropriate move here.


Whom did they come for after the protestors ? I can’t remember anymore.


They are Pinkerton stormtrooper thug scumbags.


I think journalists are next in line for reporting about them coming for the protestors.

I wonder how easy it is to hire this kind of mercenaries. Can you do it to stop a project like this pipeline too? That seems like a mission more suited for a military operation.


Wasn’t it a military operation?


When have the pinks ever been friends of democracy?


Horrible branding…


Uncertainty, is that what we’re calling citizens in a democracy practicing their 1st Amendment right to dissent?


I think after Civil War 2, which is probably inevitable at this point, we skip Reconstruction until the generation that voted for these scum is dead in the ground. Martial law, I mean, “proactive policing” was good enough for us, now it’s good enough for you. No votes from worthless empty flyover states until you recognize the rest of your fellow citizens as human beings.


Is a merc like an orc? Just asking for clarification.


Evil for hire.


One is a brutish oaf of limited intelligence and a penchant for violence.

The other is a race in fantasy stories.

(The number of times my phone autocorrected brutish to British is too many)


I would accept the correction. It took me an awful lot of deconditioning of my education to wake up to the fact that the inhabitants of the British Isles acquired an empire by being just as brutish as the Romans, and that the myth of the civilised Englishman was, at bottom, a myth.

Well, the Navy Seals and the SAS are examples of secretive state owned mercenary companies.


here’s the thing that strikes me. normally private detectives, bailsbond collectors, mall and building security… all these folks have to follow the law.

as far as i know they don’t get dispensation to fly military drone, carry heavy weaponry, and harass protestors.

they intercept doesn’t​ cover the legality of their actions at all. if i get some funding, can i deploy these same tactics at and around 45s “luxury” properties ?


Et tu Brutush?


They probably weren’t.

metadata in images he shared pointed to a camera used by a commercially available Phantom 4 drone.