Usagi Yojimbo - 1160 pages of adventure tales starring the antrhopomorphic ronin rabbit


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Lucas just couldn’t resist ripping off Japanese sources, could he?


See also the ongoing ‘Usagi Yojimbo Saga’ reprint volumes of the later period, published by Dark Horse.


I was thinking of Jaxxon too, but that issue was published in 1978 and the Usagi Yojimbo site says the first UY was published in 1984.


And for anyone worried, Usagi Yojimbo is anthro, but not furry. The anthro bit is very secondary, and none of the weirdness of stuff that self-identifies that way. You’ve got all these people and they just happen to be animals.


This one series I pick up from the library when I notice a collection I have not read yet. They are really fun well told stories.


LOVE the Usagi Yojimbo book! Stan Sakai rocks.


I just had a good laugh and I’m trilled to pieces to read a post on Usagi Yojimbo - Bushido with a fluffy tail.
This day just keeps getting better & better. Thanks BB!


Usagi Yojimbo is consistently a high quality example of what Will Eisner calls Sequential Art. Great storytelling. I’m always shoving it under my kids’ noses when they’re looking for something to read. It’s the one thing I regularly buy and give away. It’s my duty as a comic book geek to spread the love. Every year at Comic Con, I make a point to stop by Stan’s booth to thank him. He’s a class act.


Remember when I bought Star Wars #8 . . . .


Speaking of, are people serious about thinking Lucas’ Hidden Fortress references were a mere “rip-off”? If so, how do they judge The Magnificent Seven?


Also, in general, if the mere prospect of “furry” gives you the vapors, you really ought to get over yourself.


The Groo reference reminds me–Groo’s swords are distinctly katana-styled, which stands out a bit from the broad-stroked pulp-S&S-pastiche of the rest of his outfit. Has Aragonés said anything about where that came from?


I’ve wondered about this as well. Furries get a bad rap as sexual deviants, which in fact (AFAIK*) very, very few of them dress up and get it on.

So, when the Furry convention being held near my old office got gas-attacked, I sort of boggled at the local news anchor’s reaction.

I suspect that whatever they put on the teleprompter was along the lines of what they get a bad rap for. Pretty common trope, seemingly.

*I only know one self-identified Furry, which for reasons I’d rather not chat up on the topic.


Stuff that’s self-consciously furry, like Shanda or Katmandu, is way too self-absorbed and preachy unless you’re actually in the fandom. It seems to think that excuses hideously sloppy storytelling. I avoid it for quality reasons, not ‘ewwww, ick!’ reasons.

Always exceptions, of course. Love Stinz just because Donna Barr is great. But I’m just letting non-fandom people know they won’t run into entire chapters dedicated to an incongruous essay in defense of polygamy, say.

Edit: That’s not just furry of course. For any fandom, fanservice and injokes are considered reasonable substitutes for story quality.


Shut up and take my money!


Sturgeon’s law. The “good stuff” is always an exception, regardless of the field/context.


Agreed on all points, and I didn’t mean to call you out specifically. It’s the people who pretend they can’t tell the difference between cartoon animals and actual bestiality that bug me.

And even then, furry kink isn’t my thing, but I really don’t get why people flip their shit over it. Fucking in a rabbit costume sounds weird and uncomfortable to me, but so does fucking in a vinyl bodysuit, and nobody hassles those people.


Everyone has a different point at which they flip their shit, and I think it’s dependent entirely on how weird they themselves are. (Unless they are a public servant, lol)

It’s easy to see for me why the latex suits are less weird than a furry suit; they accentuate the natural curves of the human body. The furry suits do the opposite.

All told, whatever man. Who cares. People need to grow up.

Europe seems (from my outsider perspective) to be much more accepting of all kinds of kink. Last time I was there, even the gay man in our group had a giggle at the male latex sexy suit-thingy (for lack of a better technical description) prominently displayed in a sex shop window in classy, Bavarian Rosenheim.

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