Hayao Miyazaki emerges from retirement, again

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This makes so much sense to me; I cannot watch most anime for this reason!


“2044/3/15 - Miyazaki’s shambling reanimated corpse announces new Ghibli project, refuses to admit he never really retired.”


The way the economy is looking, I’ll retire when I’m dead may no longer be an option.



I fully understand where Miyazaki is coming from, and to some degree i would be inclined to say he’s right but that’s such an over simplification of the current state of Anime. However i got kind of burnt out on anime a few years back and i’ve found it harder to go back in and watch new stuff unless recommended to me by my brother who gets my particular tastes.
As far as Miyazaki goes i’m not sure what to think of his on and of again retirement, but as long as he’s doing what he loves i look forward to seeing more of his vision.


I dunno… I’ve found lots of pretty recent, beautiful done anime series in recent years. Attack on Titan, Madoka Magica, One Punch Man, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure… I’d suggest that literally any particular genre of art is going to be filled with some crap and a few gems. It’s a mass medium, so this is not surprising.

I will gladly take a new Miyazaki film, however.


Hiyao knows exactly what he’s doing with statements like this, he’s trolling we-of-little-free-time by making our “anime series BBers recommend” even longer…


Sturgeon’s Law always applies.


I don’t think it’s “90%” or whatever. I just think that tastes vary and what I or you might enjoy isn’t what someone else enjoys. What’s crap is, I think, rather relative.


Well I know crap… I like crap I mean just look at some of the movies I review. Heck I on and off watch Fairy Tail after stumbling on it on youtube which started back in 2009 and is total predictable formula stupidness but is it good? Not really but I find it amusing to watch. I like it a lot but I don’t pretend it is high art either.

On the other hand I binge watched Flying Witch awhile ago and it was just amazing simple stories and a wonderful show. YOU SHOULD GO WATCH IT!


The Director and Auteur of countless feature films, 103 and fueled by cigarettes, sweetened milk, and his own sullen resentment for the animation industry, announced yet another sentimental heartwarming story that will cheer and enrich the lives of millions of people. Staff members close to his incandescent wrathful brilliance showed a strong amount of anxiety and sleep deprivation, nevertheless expressed excitement over the new project.



He can come out of retirement any old damn time he pleases, as far as I’m concerned :slight_smile:


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is probably precisely the kind of stuff Miyazaki would sneer at. It’s insane, aloof, trope laden… and there’s so much one could say about it. But it’s definitely very fun to watch, and the fact that it doesn’t take itself seriously at all is the charm.
Personally i tend to prefer slower paced anime these days with a bit more serious tone, but it’s great watching something like Jojo or One Punch Man every now and then.

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I get what you mean, but still…

Also, the way people are named… Robert EO Speedwagon? Lisa Lisa? Loggins and Messina? Dio? Fucking TONPETTY???/??? I mean… that was killing me.

Can’t wait to see the next season now, actually.


Drifters is shaping up to be a fun new series, from the manga creator of Hellsing .
And if you missed last season’s anime there’s Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, which looks amazing and Thunderbolt Fantasy.

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Yes, the character names (and designs) are just pure cheese. Gloriously so. It’s definitely eye roll worthy, to the point that the anime should include a health warning that your eyeballs may roll out of your skull if you’re not careful. But in my book it’s so bad it’s good.

My son is ploughing through Jojo right now. Today I explained to him that it’s unironic and his jaw fell. He thought it was satire.


It sort of is satire, but it’s Japanese satire. Which is to go 1000% all in and never look back.