Studio Ghibli announces new Miyazaki film for summer 2023

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He’s announced his retirement several different times now (first time was in the late ‘90s, then 2013, then 2018…) so apparently the guy just really hates retirement, or else loves having retirement parties.

Hopefully this film is good. His most recent works, Ponyo and The Wind Rises, weren’t the very best Miyazaki films but they were still beautifully made and it’s great to see a studio continuing to make feature-length hand-drawn animated films now that Disney has apparently gotten out of that business.


Just last night I was re-watching Kiki’s Delivery Service, and wishing that magic was still real.


And I thought Studio Ghibli was shutting down after When Marnie Was There (which no one really cared for either?), leading to the formation of Studio Ponoc. But I guess that, too, was temporary.

Hopefully the lesson is a little deeper than “if you believe in yourself you can achieve anything!!! (and if you’re not succeeding it’s because you’re not believing enough!!!)”.

Ursula Le Guin was bait-and-switched into licensing her work to other people at Ghibli even though she didn’t trust anybody with it but Hayao

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If Kiki was a real person in 2020s America she’d probably be struggling to get by as a contractor for Amazon.


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