Here is the first trailer for Hayao Miyazaki's final film

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Can’t wait!


Saw the film opening night in Japan during my visit there in July. It was a little strange in that there was essentially zero marketing for the film: for whatever reason Miyazaki didn’t want to do any media promotion, etc. for it. It was a good film, but a little confusing in several ways as well: it has lots of scenes/tropes that will be familiar to anyone that has seen his other films, which could possibly be seen as nostalgic, but possibly just repetitive/lazy as well. What was most puzzling to me is that several of the most key plot points are never really explained, esp. in terms of the character’s motivations for their (to me extreme) actions. Maybe Miyazaki was simply trying to leave it ambiguous, but for me at least it was just confusing.


Yeah, well…


Stephen King is an amateur by comparison… he’s only been announcing his retirement since 2002.

I guess some creative people just can’t hang up the saddle when they’ve got new stories burning inside them no matter how appealing the idea of retirement seems on paper. All the better for us!


It looks quite weird and scary in a way I’m not so familiar with from other Ghibli films (I’ve seen almost all of them.) But of course I’ll go to it.

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Oh damn, this was the only one I hadn’t seen when I got a chance to introduce someone to Miyazaki, so we picked it. Probably the only one I won’t rewatch, unless I really need to feel punched in the gut. (Not saying its bad. It is fantastic, but really really not lighthearted and playful like his other work.)

New one looks very good.


That was a powerful movie. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch it a second time.


I wouldn’t have described it as weird or scary - it’s far worse than that. :wink:

Youngest kiddo and I watched it about eight years ago as part of a home-based Miyazaki film festival. We both sat quietly afterwards in tears and had to watch an episode or two of Ren and Stimpy to recover.

Same. The only other film that had that impact on me was Once Were Warriors. Beautiful, powerful but utterly heartbreaking.

I guess he knew that he didn’t need to. The film already sold 5 million tickets in Japan, grossed over $50 million, and made more in it’s first four days than Spirited Away ever did in Japan.


OMG. I want Miyazaki to make a new “final film” like every year forever. I’ve loved every final film he’s made! Keep going!!


I love Miyazaki. I am saddened that this will be his final film. His movies are beautifully crafted, the music is superb, and the stories are soul-food.

I can’t even think about that movie without feeling my throat tying in a knot and tears coming to my eyes.
After years, I have never had the guts to watch it again.

That said, it’s Ghibli, but not directed by Miyazaki.

My introduction to Miyazaki was “Sen to Chihiro no kamikushi”.
We were around in a small town in Italy, with wife and kids, then 8 and 6.
It started to rain and we sheltered in a small cinema, there might have been at most ten persons.

To this day, I still love that movie above any other - animation or not.

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A number of Studio Ghibli films have been directed by people other than Hayao Miyazaki, and they often have a slightly different look and feel to them while retaining a kind of Ghibli essence in the artwork. See Only Yesterday, The Cat Returns and From Up on Poppy Hill for examples.

OTOH, Miyazaki directed The Castle of Cagliostro before he formed Studio Ghibli. The film contains a lot of elements and themes you’ll find in his later work.


Yup, we all called it:

I swear, one of these days he’s going to cancel his retirement in the middle of his retirement announcement.


We’ll see! He’s said that several times now, only to make another film! Maybe we’ll get a final film from him forever, as @davidmcotter indicated!

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Maybe his previous final film actually was his final film. :wink:

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