Brief surprise interview with director Hayao Miyazaki during his daily trash-collecting ritual

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So is everyone named Q a dick?



“I’m a retired old man picking up trash.”
“Right now, I have to pick up trash…”
“I have to go around and pick up trash, so…”

I believe, translating from Miyazaki, that means “please fuck off.”


Star Trek Q GIF


Breaking: Old Man picking up trash doesn’t want to answer questions and simply wants to continue picking up trash.
I’m surprised Miyazaki didn’t go off on this “reporter”. An uncharacteristic amount of restraint for him especially how absolutely disrespectful these people are being.


I dont know about anyone else, but I think at the moment Miyazaki is very interested in picking up trash outside his home.

The real question is, why are arseholes still littering outside his home?




Seriously. Take the hint, dude.


At least offer to assist with picking up the trash and ask about his day.

We really shouldn’t be patronizing those links with any clicks. Let the man alone.


That would have made a more interesting interview. He’s left wing, so help with the mutual aid stuff and ask him related questions.


To be honest, he is not that left. Miyazaki is more apolitical, anti-political and certainly anti-dichotomy (See Mononoko…) so you can’t really map him on a left/right scale.

A philosophy like that can’t be expressed in simple quotes and statements or the kind of interview modern media does. So he doesn’t, and he avoids it. Miyazaki also clearly stands (no, flies, in a rickety plane) miles above a silly argument about sales ranking or cheap criticism of other people’s work.

I love and adore the man but… watching his movies is probably way more fun than hear him nattering on about things like that, right? :slight_smile:

His film do have repeated anticapitalist and antifascist themes. I don’t want to label Miyazaki, because I will get it wrong, but I have noticed similarities between those themes and William Morris’s utopian socialism.

A lot of Communalists also like the left, feminist, ecological and anticapitalist messages in his films, so if he isn’t that left then people who are very left and usually well read are reading too much into his work. I don’t know if Murray Bookchin ever watched his films though.


Nagisa Oshima, a Marxist film maker and occasional guest on Iron Chef points to a very different politics in Japan

True, but I think it might be safe to say that someone who wanted to make a sequel to Porco Rosso where the main character was fighting against the Falangists is left leaning. It’s not really the kind of topic that interests liberals or conservatives.

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I agree. I’m thinking that looking at other conservative or liberal political cultures and art practices can be a way of seeing beyond an ‘inevitable down turn to the lowest common denominator’.

For me Myazaki creates strange and beautiful worlds that make me think about the world I live in.

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