Usagi Yojimbo animated TV show in the works


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About Damn Time! :grinning:

Been a fan since I first saw him in Albedo Anthropomorphics!


This—I hope—will be amazing.


I hope it really happens, and I hope even more fervently that they don’t screw the pooch.


About time. Granted I haven’t seen a ton of his stuff, I know he has been plugging long solidly for years. Didn’t he guest on some TMNT shows?


Ooooh, I still have some issues of these.

But, YES! YES!!! YES!!!
Usagi Yojimbo is one of my all time favrote comics. So happy that this is happening!


Same here, and I knew of the creator from his work in the team making Groo the Wanderer. He played as big a part as Mark Evanier and Sergio Argones did in making that cheese-loving mendicant a hit.


The hot story of the day is the highly questionable redesign to which TMNT has been subjected. It is enough to shake one’s confidence in new adaptations.


Stan Sakai FTW! I was into Usagi when it first came out, I even had a sketch from Sakai at one point (I think I had sent him a fan letter, and he sent it to me as a response). I’m pretty sure I lost it… :frowning:


As long as it is not 3D I will be happy. 2D is Usagi & friends’ natural medium. (Think Samurai Jack)

…and if it’s 3D I will just be mildly annoyed.


Holy crap all of those designs are god awful. WHY??? Worse than the Bay movie ones, and I thought that was impossible. WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE THE GOD DAMN WEAPONS???


Want so bad.

Want this not to be bad so much more badly.


Maybe they’re Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles.


why do their weapons glow? Are they made of spent uranium rods?


Mixed feelings here.


Luckily UY is unlikely to be ruined like TNMT is being, since Sakai still owns the rights 100%. It’s unlikely he’s given up enough control that they could bastardize his work and not have him pull the plug.


The first time I got to know Usagi Yojimbo was the game on the C64. I didn’t even know there was a comic back then. Anyway, I am interested to see how they will handle the healthy amounts of sexual themes and violence in the TV series. Honestly, I don’t really care to see it, as I don’t expect the medium of animation will add anything to the material, but I’m happy for Sakai that it’s happening.


I so hope that it does the original work justice!


Yes! Now I get to pray real hard that they don’t screw it up!