Usagi Yojimbo animated TV show in the works

One of my favorite things about Usagi books is the story notes section, wherein Stan Saki informs us of influences; books, plays, songs, art, costumes.

I have always imagined a live action/animation where the episode begins with a modern day professor or docent telling about something from Japanese history and then Bam! into the action with Usagi, Gen and trickster Kitsune!


Please gods, don’t let them dumb this down or turn it into silly slapstick.

So much is going to depend on the age group they aim for…if this gets pointed at the single digit age kiddies, it’s gonna suck horribly.

May this give Stan Sakai the payday he has earned with decades of great comix work. A few years ago, he was ill and in need of money, or so I heard. Odd, isn’t it, that in the USA creators who have worked diligently for their whole lives can lose it all because of an illness.

As laudable as that is, it also depends upon the integrity of the creator. I mean, Eastman and Laird haven’t been exactly all that good at maintaining some sort of integrity with the TMNT brand, though I suppose it comes from the way those two became bitter enemies and also in how TMNT started as a gag anyways. The new reboot looks like something the creators of Ben 10 made and has no bearing to the original comics made by Eastman, as Laird is now just cashing in.

Ben Edlund has been better at curating The Tick, and was heavily involved in the Peter Serafinowicz reboot. So there is that.

So as long as it has Stan’s blessing, I guess I will be happy.


That’s my point, though - Eastman and Laird don’t own the rights anymore. They’ve got about as much control over TMNT at this point as Lucas does over Star Wars. Sakai still owns Usagi 100%, so he does have control.

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I try not to get excited about things but between this and the new Back to the Future manga it’s hard not to sometimes.

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