Use Facebook while in South Carolina jail, go to solitary for 37 years




…South Carolina doesn’t have space in disciplinary detention for all the offenders and “regularly” is forced to put the punishments on hold.

There’s your problem right there. They need to build more hotboxes.


Summon the lawyers. I smell a fat settlement for whomever is willing to take on this 1st/8th case.


What kind of deranged psychopaths come up with policies like this? Isn’t there an ombudsman to safe guard prisoner rights?


“What we’ve got here is failure to communicate”


Unacceptable. 37 years dungeon.

Except dungeons are humane compared to solitary.


they send people to solitary because their family members communicate on their behalf?? Surely, this cannot be legal?


The author of this blog post ( claims responsibility for finding Tyheem Henry’s Facebook page and notifying the SCDC. He also claims that Henry made threats against co-defendants on the page.

I’m not saying this justifies 30 years in solitary (I’d rather see prisoners charged with a specific crime, and if convicted, a reasonable consecutive term added to the existing sentence).


37 years? Lucky he didn’t use Myspace,


Anything beyond about a month of solitary confinement constitutes cruel and inhuman treatment, or even torture.

Doesn’t really matter what it’s for.

In fact, any discussion of what a torture victim did or did not do to deserve years of solitary confinement is a pretty obvious case of victim blaming.


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