Which prison will house 'El Chapo'? Probably this Colorado 'supermax'

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Good luck escaping from this one.

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ADX Florence is also where they keep Robert Hanssen, the FBI agent who spied for Russia from the 1970s to 2001. His M.O. was represented in The Americans. He’s busy serving 15 consecutive life sentences there.

It’s a very limited facility, suitable for traitorous spies who might be important enough for a foreign government to attempt a rescue from a lesser facility. I hope they have a space reserved for Individual One; he’s far more deserving than anyone else who currently resides there.


Yeah, as hard as it is to find sympathy for someone like El Chapo, torture is torture.


They call it Alcatraz of the Rockies

I’ll bet David Blaine can get him out.

What a horrible trial to get picked for jury duty.

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I genuinely have an issue with supermax-es. Not only are you locking the person up for the rest of their life, but you’re putting them in a grey concrete box with no stimulation for decades. It’s torture.

Also: WHY IN THE FUCK ARE PEOPLE EXTRADITED FROM THEIR HOME COUNTRIES TO BE PUT IN IT? Abu Hamza al-Masri is by all accounts a piece of shit, but he’d never ever been to the US. He’s never killed anyone, to the best of my knowledge.

The prisoners are confined to single-person cells for 22 or more hours a day, depriving them of virtually all contact with the outside world.

Ah, the old torture gambit.

Just how much money does El Chapo have? Two or three hundred million dollars might arrange a release either via tunnel or presidential pardon.


My thoughts as well.
I’d be looking over my shoulder
for the rest of my life…

Being deprived of one’s
Liberty (or Life)
is the punishment itself.
Why the need to inflict torture
on other humans during
their incarceration is simply
Is it moral outrage, revenge, control,
or moral failing
that we continue to inflict additional
punishment on people
while in prison…and after?

Perhaps El Chappo’s escape attempt would be to apply for Permanent Residency or even Citizenship. Surely that will get him “deported.”


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Nor had Bin Laden. Or Hitler. Or El Chapo (till now). If your criminal acts affect Americans or America, you are liable.

The only chargeable offense is murder by one’s own hand? That’s a pretty limited basis for a code of law.

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