ICE is detaining thousands of immigrants in solitary confinement in U.S

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well of course they are.

the cruelty IS the point.


Showers would be more humane.

Karma, get your ass in gear. THis wheel needs balancing.

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Trump is a Nazi.


Most of the EU finds more than 15 days of solitary confinement to be torture.

Unsurprisingly, the US has no limit to it, and the US has held people in solitary for at least 22 years.



Yes and no.
I could easily imagine Stephen Miller or similar being behind this. With the very deliberate intention of cruelly damaging enough people at the hands of the US gov’t so that one or more of them, when released, shoot up a school, or blow up an army base. So that there’s more support for the US government to treat immigrants more harshly. I don’t think Trump would have thought this up, but he’d be quite happy if Stephen explains it to him.

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Gee. It was always my dream to witness the fuckage of a democracy into a steadily evolving police state.

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Has Trump Co. ordered that ICE give them all numbered I.D. tattoos on their arms yet? The way it’s going, I be surprised if tRump hadn’t.


is that humor?

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If it was it failed miserably.


I suppose you could take it as a particularly black sort. Gallows humor, perhaps.

FWIW, I knew Holocaust survivors growing up. Many of them dealt with it with very black humor.

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These kinds of abuses don’t stop until people get jailed for doing it. Right now, we can’t even get their names.

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Self proclaimed beacon of human rights at work again.

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Appreciate that you can share that bit of info, as it helps to compare definitions of torture to understand what it can be defined as for us in the US as well.

This is cruel; that is the point. We need to vote these scum out before any more damage can be done. Looking forward to November 2020 more then ever.

No. Stop this shit. It’s serious, not some god damn joke about genocide.

Watched a Vice news spot the other night. It’s actually coded wristbands, like at a show or festival.

God dammit.

Yes, it’s serious. And when a government sets itself onto killing and torturing “those people” direct references to HaShoach are totally appropriate, especially when showers (horrible as they were) are more humane than torture.

Shorter: it was not intended as a joke, although survivors sometimes made jokes about it. Today, I rather doubt that the few remaining survivors are inclined to make even the darkest jokes about it.

Which tells you where we are.