ICE is detaining 50,000 people under Trump, an all-time high

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I can remember when America was the good guys. Or at least we tried.


Trump-ICE is arresting undocumented people at a faster rate than Obama-ICE, but deporting them at a slower rate.

Ergo, the detainee numbers are increasing, and will continue to do so until some sort of “final solution” is settled upon.


We knew the logistics of mass deportations would be rough.

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The land of the free - stuffing its prison up to the brim.

“Give me your tired, your poor,/ Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”

The conscious disconnect between national narrative/propaganda and reality is astounding.


Hmm… Wonder who’s housing all of those people? Wonder who’s paying for that? Wonder who made donations to tRump’s campaign etc…?


I want to leave this planet for another one.

The scary thing is, his supporters probably are applauding this. Like, we can’t just point out the terrible shit and expect people to be like “oh! I had no idea! Maybe I was wrong about this guy!” When in reality they voted for this bullshit.

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When was that? when we were overthrowing democratic regimes in Latin America, or conquering Native American land, or bringing in small pox blankets to fight against Native Americans or engaging in the slave trade…? I am having a hard time locating this “good guys” point, other than rhetorically…


Now see, a real financial conservative would want to treat ICE like a swollen government cyst that needs draining, as well as take a weed wacker to the DHS people who approved that.

Instead, “conservatives” are all in favor of government downsizing, except where it involves locking people up.

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Defeating fascism, the Marshall Plan, the Peace Corps. Does that help?

Which we had no intention of doing prior to the bombing of pearl harbor and we actively turned away Jewish refugees fleeing fascism… Certainly glad my grandfather and hundreds of thousands of other Americans joined the battle, but there was little done prior to Pearl Harbor…

Another good thing, but also tied to American demanding access to foreign markets, which is why Stalin refused to participate.

Some positives, but also tied to various neo-imperial agenda to “keep out” communism from the decolonizing world (or any form of socialism, actually, even if not tied to the Soviets). To some extent it just replicated the previous civilizing mission of British and French imperialism, to bring the benighed people of Africa civilization, when they very much had their own and didn’t need ours, thanks very much…

Even our “good” actions aren’t entirely purely motivated and at times had some negative outcomes, even if they managed to do good.


We might as well give up now and just embrace the darkness.

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Or, and this is a radical notion I know, we could acknowledge the reality of American empire and work to dismantle it.

I suppose continuing to pretend we’re always the good guys is easier to do and probably makes us feel better than acknowledging reality, but little will change if we keep closing our eyes. I don’t see how we can continue to be a major part of destabilizing the world, given how critical the stakes are becoming…


The Department of Homeland Security conglomeration should never have been formed, its long past time to break it up. (I think most of us had a bad feeling when it was created.) How much real benefits (in coordination of departments) has it enabled vs. removing budget control one more step from congress, obscuring large quantities of funding going to an administrations preferred sub departments to further its military, international and political desires.

“…Department of Homeland Security parent to raid its other accounts…”

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You don’t think the “American empire” is currently being dismantled?

No, not really. It’s getting a fresh set of challenges from China or Russia, but we have a global military reach… compare what we had in 2014 vs. Russia:

And a map from 2015:

So no, I don’t believe that’s the case, objectively speaking. The sun never sets on our military…


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