Useful warning sign for male scientists afraid of women falling in love, crying at them


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I was hoping for a better graphic. Why not the traditional man-woman-sink icons that indicate a public restroom, but replacing the sink with a lab rack with test tubes? I’d go for that, and it would warn off sexist assholes so the rest of us can breathe nasty fumes in peace.


“Please check your privilege at the lab door.”


There’s no crying or falling in love in non-mixed gender labs?


Much less common there.


FWIW, in my experience there’s no way to avoid crying or falling in love in a lab, no matter what the gender composition might be.


As if I wouldn’t cry over falling in love with science!


Lots of great comments on here!


I’m sure if you asked the venerable Dr Tim Hunt about “the gays” he would have some wonderful opinions.


“Ugh! Don’t get me started! It’s so difficult to work with them, they keep falling in love with me too!”


Not sure I’d call mixed gender a biohazard.


Depends on how you view pregnancy.


Sorry, and this is definitely not excusing his behavior/attitudes, but is anyone surprised that you can find socially inappropriate people cooped up in labs? Some of the weirdest people I’ve ever known were either grad students or their professors who spent 90% of their lives in their little domain. They’ve also been some of the finest or most horrible people I’ve ever met. IMHO, a lab is like a social petri dish, almost anything can grow there into large isolated colonies…


Who needs warning signs when there is a cure for the problem!!!


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