Using Benjamin Franklin's behavioral economics maxim in magic

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“Now buy me some hot cocoa, Gandalf.”

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I thought you were referring to his advice to fart proudly. Now that’s behavioral engineering I can get behind!


If you’re in though, I want you to be all the way in. Be here, and try and be open to something happening that is a million miles from normal life. I have a plan of action, and I will steer this ship. Are you in?

They really should outlaw the MBA curriculum. I bet the guy has Powerpoints.

He said some things many people would find quite surprising if they could understand his 18th century way of speaking.

Might have to hold your breath though.

His hat is turned 90 degrees.

And received wisdom says if you want someone to dislike you, lend them money.


I would have handed them a couple of shovels and asked for help with the rolled-up carpet in the trunk…

“What do you know about my ex-wife?”

“You have an ex-wife?”

“Perfect. That’s the exact inflection I want you to use if anyone ever asks.”

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