How the "kindly brontosaurus pose" can get you anything you want


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Can it get me a date?


Yes! If there is another kindly brontosaurus nearby.

I hope you are not picky about things like appearance or gender.


Or species.


I never knew it had a name. I just thought it was a way of being polite, and also of containing my anger/rage.


Also good for eating the sweet tender leaves on the tops of trees, and politely but firmly warding off predators!


The worlds kindest bronto?


I’m going to stick with my hungry velociraptor pose.


I keep trying that one, but it’s so difficult to be imposing after putting on feathers and contorting yourself down to the size of a chicken.


Now this is info I can use!


I wonder how many people in coming months will remember to lean just 5° and clasp the hands just so, and forget the part about respect and attentiveness.


There is a great story about how Ben Franklin turned an enemy into an ally: he begged a huge favor of him, to borrow a rare book. Escalating displays of aggro power poses and harsh language beget the same. Being respectful and hopeful, kind and considerate, humorous and even keeled will get you further. imho


99.9 percent of them, I’d wager.


Like this?


I recall reading that a brontosaurus standing on its hind legs, i.e. as depicted in the first Jurassic Park film, would probably faint.

Also, I’m not the only one who keeps misreading that headline as “kinky brontosaurus pose”, I hope.


Turns out adults don’t respond well to high-school displays of aggression. No one knew this!


Kindly Brontosaurus with a Sense of Self-Entitlement can do just about anything. :wink:


Disclaimer: will probably not work if gate agent does not give a fuck.


I like to crane my neck over their shoulder and leisurely munch upon some leaves for extra verisimilitude.


nod empathically

em-phat-ic yes!