Using "forensic architecture" to punch Greek court

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Glad that some people are now recognising far-right populist parties as criminal organisations before they start veering into ethnic cleansing.


The Fyssas trial has the potential to bring down Golden Dawn, to bring its true nature as an organized crime group into the open, to eliminate it from the Greek Parliament and to trigger a purge of Nazi elements from the Greek police.

Because that’s how every other piece of incontrovertible evidence has affected wide ranging fascist-corporatist conspiracies.


Dunno if it’s really happening fast enough in the US regarding the GOP.


What Corey doesn’t say here - is that even if you don’t understand (or have not heard about) what’s going on - the video is in English and explains it very well. Even after reading the article and the linked article - both assumed I knew more about the subject than I did, while the video lays out what’s happening without any pre-knowledge needed - and it is really - awesome.


Neat video, and a cool example of forensics being used against the security state, rather than to strengthen it.


I’m less sanguine about this.

If Golden Dawn was just the sort of group that marches in the streets with swastikas and beats people up, killing a few for intimidation and jollies this would be rapturous news.

But they have voters. Those don’t just disappear.


On a tangent, I just heard a BBC Radio 4 programme on the 43 Group, who were formed after WW2 as a resistance movement against the British fascists who had been interned during the war. When the fascists were released after the war they went back to doing the same things they did in the 1930s.


The identification of “these blurry blobs of nothing are clearly people wearing white helmets, so obviously they’re police” seemed pretty weak to me, after all the impressive time- and location-matching thus far.

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That was a very impressive piece of work. Not just the forensics, although that was very interesting, but the video presentation itself. Since it was prepared for court it tries to make its case as clear as possible. I had never heard of forensic architecture but now I’m hooked!


Its not just the blurry blobs, that’s just one part, almost the least of it. Most of the analysis is around timing, to prove beyond any possible doubt that the police had arrived prior to the assault starting, and WERE THERE and had been there for some time already, at the time of the murder, and did nothing.

They were standing there watching the Golden Dawn take turns assaulting the journalist, and then, as the murderer pulled up (parking the wrong way on the street), stood there as he walked right past them, and stabbed the victim in front of the, less than 6 feet away.

Its amazing they arrested him.

This isn’t about the Golden Dawn fascists, its about the police, who did what police the world over do, and lied their faces off and tried to tamper with the evidence.


I assume this should be “University College London” (?) – the University of London is the nominal umbrella for a number of institutions, rather than a conventional university in its own right (like the University of California)

ETA it looks like it’s actually Goldsmith’s College, not UCL


Oh yea? Well watch how the US Supreme Court crumbles in the face of the evidence… oh wait.



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Voters aren’t the driving force behind Golden Dawn - nor, to be honest, are they the driving force behind most political parties. The parties manufacture the voters, not the other way round. And they do this through some type of political machine - a system of distributing benefits and punishments to power brokers, who provide votes and other forms of political support. Golden Dawn’s political machine feels unusual in that it mixes “respectable politics” with mob-style street politics, but really the difference is more aesthetic than practical.

The point is that destabilizing the political machine - the mechanisms of power - can completely transform the political landscape even if no voters change any of their opinions. Arguably, most people who voted for Golden Dawn aren’t even particularly ideological, they’re just going with the flow - a flow created by a political machine. For the most part, electoral politics is not about hearts and minds, it’s about organized power.


Though to be fair, it can never happen fast enough.