The Malta Files: a European version of the Panama Papers, revealing a global web of corruption


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“We have been doing it all the time. If it is wrong, then why didn’t we get caught?”

One of the great classics among defenses.


By policy, the company in the Panama Papers leak had few domestic American customers. Malta probably has few as well.

Looks like American 1%ers dodged a bullet, again.


Malta has been fishy for centuries, ever since the Knights Templar set up shop there.

Pedantic Digressions

No need to be above the law when all the advantageous exemptions you could want are right there in the law.


It’s almost as if the people writing the laws have a vested interest in making sure they don’t inconvenience them or their wealthy friends.


“Vengeance on the murderers of Jacques Molay” doesn’t sound so good if he was effectively a large scale loan shark.


At this point, it seems like “fake news” is only used to describe real news… Up really is down these days.


Damned disappointed about the ludicrous lack of appropriate alliteration. Harbouring hopes for the upcoming leaks of the Cyprus Cables. (Still annoyed that the Luxemburg Leaks were shrugged off by Jean-Claude Junker.)


“Prime Minister Joseph Muscat insisted that everything Malta does is legal”

This is

  1. quite probably true in a technical sense
  2. the actual problem


Inb4 “how much more taxes do you pay than you have to?”


An awful lot of venerable institutions began just that way. It was only a generation from bootlegger Joe Kennedy to president Jack Kennedy.


The Malta Memoranda?
The Malta Materials?
The Malta Materiel?


was all ready to make a (convoluted) maltese falcon joke, but then I noticed the ‘maltese-fuckin’ in the post URL already beat me to it.


It’s time for “unauthorized news” to enter the lexicon.


That implies there’s some authority deciding what’s news. Can’t we just go back to “lies”?


The Malta Memoranda


I am seriously lost with this article. What’s the problem? No one is breaking any laws here.


Well, that seems to be the problem right there - that it is legal when it shouldn’t be.


You need the Delaware Documents.