Using machine-learning to auto-gen scary faces and hauntify buildings

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I thought that some of the faces were quite scary in a disturbing, Francis Bacon style.

I can’t say I’m scared in the least. Also:


These look like cover art for young adult horror from the 80s.


Hey anyone know if I’d be able to us this to generate a cover for my book, and it being legal to put on the thing for distribution?

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The first image would be at home in the manual for Deus Ex.

Yeah… nice.

Except much lower resolution.

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If you started from a picture you owned the rights to, I wouldn’t think there would be an issue (though it might make sense to contact the project to double-check). Starting from one you don’t own the rights to would be a much more grey area, of course. [insert standard not-a-lawyer disclaimer here]

Of course, it doesn’t look like the generator itself is available there, so that would also be a problem…


Combine this with Google’s DeepDream AI…

Yeah, the NSW Filter images were much more disturbing than these.
These look like the computer is trying out Photoshop filters for the first time. But it’s all a part of learning I suppose.

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Since centuries

That’s some scary grammar at least.

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