Using machine learning to teach robots to get dressed

It’s a SIGGRAPH paper, so the audience is probably wondering how to incorporate it into the production of their graphics animation. Along these lines:

This exactly. I hope they nail it down before my body stiffens up so much that I need assistance to clip my toenails* or put on socks. Having a robot to help with dressing and grooming like that would mean the difference between a lot of aging people being able to live relatively independently with dignity versus needing near-daily care.

… I still like seeing robots fail hilariously at basic tasks, though.

*I’m only in my early thirties and already find contorting into position for finicky work on my toes to involve a fairly significant amount of effort and discomfort. Not looking forward to my already-bad leg joints failing further. /sigh

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Let’s see it learn how to put on a bra… Or take a pee while wearing a romper…

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When I saw the look of the simulated humanoids, my mind immediately went here:

Somebody get that… man… some pants. And a t-shirt, I think I know someone who can teach him to put it on.


Oof, I remember those first two. I can practically smell the pre-2015 internet.

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