Robot takes an elevator


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Don’t they understand they have to leave holes in the education and abilities of robots so we have somewhere to run when the inevitable robot uprising comes.


Man with briefcase running to the elevator.

-Hold the door! Hold the door!
-Bzzz. Human. Denied. Robot. Priority. Bzzz.





Inside of elevator. Man with briefcase and robot share the ride. “The girl from Ipanema” comes out the elevator sound system.

-So… nice weather outside, eh?
-I’m impervious to weather. Weather is no concern to me.
-[Under his breath] God dammit, not again…
-I can hear you hu-man. Your kind will be assimilated into proper protein bars!
-This is my floor.
-Have a nice day. Hu-man.
-[Under his breath] Asshole.
-I still can hear you! Hu-man.


I once heard a visual effects guy talking about how they had to put filming of the original RoboCop on hold for a couple hours to fabricate some special new shoes for Paul Weller’s costume because he couldn’t even walk down that stairway correctly while dressed like a robot.


“using the feet of a legged robot for simple manipulation tasks” Like could it manipulate my kids into cleaning their rooms and doing their homework? I’m sure tired of using my feet to do that.


Did they ever find him?


robot says using an ellison mineral knob-lock is impervious


What a delightful noise the robot makes.


The button is localized with help of a QR tag

And yet we think its safe to have consumer grade, lightly maintained robots driving around on public roads.


Been done.


Foolish robot–it doesn’t understand that you have to repeatedly mash the button so the elevator knows it needs to get there faster.


Lazy robot!


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