Using sound to reduce motion-sickness in cars

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How about the sound of violent projectile vomitting on an endless-loop - would that work?


Its working on me just reading about it.


Motion-sickness is caused by a perceptual rupture — your body feels itself moving around, but your eyes see a stationary screen.

Read somewhere that that is an ancient survival technique where, if you ate berries that made you dizzy, your body would defend itself by making you throw up.

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I wonder if this has been tried in VR? I have no issues with ‘actually walking around’ and teleport style locomotion with the Vive, but suffered terrible nausea trying to fly around in Elite:Dangerous.

I wonder if hanging an air freshener or some fuzzy dice in easy view would help

Or just pipe in the sound of continuous water running, that will at least make you think of something other than how much you need to vomit :wink:

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The nausea is gone, but now I gotta pee


Then it’s all working according to plan…

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dangous entanglement


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