Carmaker claims these weird-looking glasses eliminate motion sickness

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And a cheap knock-off will be available for $20 or less a week after that, whether they are effective of not. Anything that might remotely keep a child from throwing up on a road trip is a hot ticket item.


If those work I want them. I suffer from motion sickness while driving. I hope they work for virtual sickness too.


? If you mean motion sickness while using V/R I don’t think they’ll a) work and b) fit under the goggles!


This is probably what Google Glass should have looked like. I mean if they wanted to be honest with themselves.


No motion sickness from FPS etc.


Is Elton John going to get a slice of that pie?


Try Dramamine?

I don’t think that’s sold in Finland and aa far as I can remember all of those pills have negative effects for driving. Of course vomiting on steering wheel while driving has negative effects too…


Just wait, and all the neighbors will be wearing them. Looks like the next ‘must have’ fashion statement to me.

hrem… Will Audi ever tolerate this ?



I am not emotional

I’d be curious to see if they would help with space-sickness for astronauts. I wonder what the behavior of the ring fluids would be in zero-g and how that would affect the astronauts perceptions?

I don’t get motion sickness… until now, after seeing those glasses.

Since the blind also suffer from motion sickness I am going to posit that visual stimulus is not the only factor at work and these glasses are not a panacea. (Visual component is definitely a large part, I knew an individual that could get motion sickness while stationary by watching a river flow)
Reduced occurrence of motion sickness symptoms in my children by slowing down and smoothing out my driving.


That really sucks. I have motion sickness riding in a car, train, or the like, but I’m usually okay while driving myself. Ginger sometimes works to settle my stomach. Have you tried ginger pills or candies? Shouldn’t have any side effects (except that you’ve eaten something with ginger in it).

Over the years, my motion sickness has gotten much worse, too. I used to be okay for short rides, but now even that makes me nauseous.

[ETA] Just in general, this appears to be aimed at people being able to ride, but for some of us, we get motion sickness no matter what we do while riding in a car… I wonder if that’s the 5% that it doesn’t help?

Hmm the sloshing sounds like it would work against the design goals. Because the simulated baby fluid has mass and momentum, it will never exactly match the horizon except when static. Just the thought of adding that sloshing as a third variable for the brain to integrate sounds counterproductive.

The VR or augmented reality headsets with refined motion tracking could probably do this without the sloshing. Man augmented reality is going to be nothing like we expect.

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