Using the death of a star, 'Space ant' fired laser at Earth


I, for one, welcome…


my browser wouldn’t show the pics on that page, I had to find them in the page info and paste the urls into blank tabs to see… nebulae.
which are beautiful, but: I went through all that work and there’s no pics of the laser?
I wanna see the frickin laser!




well, when you put it that way…


Stars and nebula also make MASERs which is really weird when you think about it.


My buddy worked in a lab that had a large sign saying “DO NOT LOOK IN LASER WITH REMAINING EYE”.

The Ant Nebula is gorgeous, I use it a lot for backgrounds and screensavers and such.


So did they use the directed energy from the dying star to forge a new weapon worthy of the gods, or what?


Or the Sith…


Obviously not, because we’re still here.

Perhaps it was the laser pointer of the annoying dick gods?




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