Using this balance board at my stand-up desk is fun and maybe helping my core

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Hugh Hefner, Chicago 1958.


I made my own back in the late 80’s when I was doing fun Juggling things way more often than now. A simple plank of wood cleaned up and a duct tape wrapped 6" PVC pipe section ganked from a construction site refuse pile.
You are spot on there for flying across the god damn room as those things are indeed dangerous. I never used mine indoors. It was fun though.


RIP your ankle or other joint when this thing almost kills you.


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I built this balance board for my stepson using 2’ x 4’ x 1/2" plywood and a piece of 3" PVC. Total cost, about $20


To aspire to:


My sense of balance isn’t great even at the best of times on flat surfaces, so whenever I see one of these, the first thing that pops into my head is “OK, which hip am I willing to sacrifice to this?”.


Might I suggest a good board instead of this dubious amazon one which is not even in stock? Look no further than these, I have one and they are pretty good quality, nicer looking too, etc: mtlbboard dot com

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I’d assume that screwing a low profile lump of something rounded and hard to the underside of a board would make for a safer alternative; so you could teeter, but not topple.

I used a bolo board briefly in the late 70’s - part of a lame-ass street act. I was “just ok” at it - and then had a bad fall where I very nearly broke my shoulder (which I ended up actually doing 40 years later falling down a flight of stairs - no bolo board required).

They’re very cool. Stacking them actually makes it easier to maintain steady balance.

But yeah - suddenly flying across the room happens.


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