USPS usage declines, but sloppy postal surveillance is way, way up




The extra surveillance at least explains why it takes so long for the USPS to deliver packages that are just sitting at the local branch for days and days.


Okay, I find this story confusing. The USPS sucks at warrantless surveillance… and so the public is supposed to feel angry? Like we’re not getting our money’s worth or something? And we’re also supposed to be angry because they’re doing it too much?

Was this article brought to you by FedEx?


It’s certainly bad when they’re good at warrantless surveillance, but that doesn’t mean it’s good when they’re bad at it. Especially if you happen to be the one on the receiving end of a mistaken surveillance order.


They’re not doing it wrong in such a way that it BENEFITS your privacy. There are plenty of ways to screw up surveillance in a way that puts you and/or your personal information at risk.


Well, they lost a lot of my business when every tiny thing on eBay started costing over $30 to order from a US seller.


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