Utah representative proposes shutting off NSA's water suppy

It’s pumped out, allowed to cool and pumped back in - just like a car.

Is is lost to evaporation? Honest question, I really don’t know how these cooling systems would be set up.

There was an entry in Wahsington Post, NSA Data Center in Utah were overstrained with Spam filtering

And then there were new information from Snowden, NSA would actually use spam as transmitter in their malewarefare.
So may it be, that this colossus in Utah is the huge spam sender? Paid by taxes of US citizen? In this case shutting off NSA’s water supply is the only one possibility to stop (or at least to decrease) this madness.

Given Utah’s climate, I could see the state having an entirely legitimate concern over the consumption of such a vast quantity of water; that’s what would distinguish this from a typical nullification argument, and it might not be unreasonable for Utah to restrict the site’s water consumption to a more reasonable level. That said, I have serious trouble believing that the NSA is actually consuming anywhere near that much water, and reasonable restrictions probably wouldn’t shut them down.

Sure, but that isn’t the stated goal of the bill. And a bill crafted around water conservation would also affect other big water users, because I don’t think specifically targeted legislation would be constitutional.


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