Utah representative proposes shutting off NSA's water suppy


Has to be grandstanding on the part of the representative - I can’t see how that bill would make it off the floor. Theoretically speaking though, if it did pass, and Utah could shut off the NSA’s water supply, I’d see the federal government pulling a trump card, seizing the water supply and control facilities under the auspices of “national security.”


They wouldn’t need to invoke “national security”, just exercise eminent domain.

They would move all NSA facilities to Native American lands and claim they do not fall under the powers of the state or federal governments. Granted it wouldn’t really work legally but the would be kicking the can down the road for a good 50+ years while the courts and legislature sorted it out.

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Your post implies that either the Native Americans would allow this or, more likely, wouldn’t have any choice. I doubt the former is true but that, sadly, the latter is.


Setting aside the NSA specifically, this bill opens a huge constitutional can of worms about the limits of federal and state power, a lot of which was arguably settled by the Civil War. Furthermore, success in this case means right wingers will be using this tactic to shut down on a state level all the other federal departments they don’t like, much like they have successfully neutered some of the provisions in healthcare reform.


If a state can shut down the water supply to any organization that is paying their water bill, because the state has an ideological dispute with that organization, I start to get very nervous.


Good idea.

Likewise, I don’t want to pay for a lot of the defense budget, so I’m gonna pay only 70% of my taxes this year. That will show 'em.

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States can generally do whatever they want inside their borders assuming they can get the bill passed. That’s how the system is designed to work. If the law is sufficiently offensive then the judicial branch will get involved after the lawsuits fire up to try and put a stop to it. Again, that’s how the system is supposed to work.

The whole “checks and balances” thing is still a good idea and it virtually guarantees that in this specific case the water will never actually be shut off. But it sure makes some good headlines for the politician who’s trying to beef up their reputation.


The Utah Legislature has already wrapped up their 2014 session, so this bill is dead. I think the only real argument that happened this year about the facility was a discussion about whether or not the NSA was subject to some state use taxes or not.

It would be amusing if some backhoe “accidents” were to happen near their water lines.


Ugh. While I applaud conservatives finally starting to realize that out-of-control government power can be used against them as well as against those dirty hippies, this is totally the wrong way to fight back. If this gets even the slightest bit of traction, KS, OK, TX, and a bunch of other southern states will simply shut off utilities to all Planned Parenthood sites, I guarantee it.


Exactly. We have a part time legislature that has already done its damage this year, with the exception of a special session or two. But even with signs all over the south end of the valley pushing to turn off the tap for the NSA I’ve noticed exactly zero support for the idea.

If I’ve learned any thing from American history all you need is one or two members to sign the treaty.

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If they’re using it for cooling, they’re not actually consuming the water, right? Just warming it up. Presumably it’s still usable after going through their pipes, at least for agriculture.

“1.7 million gallons of water a day”? Surely nice chilly Alaska would be a better location for this super secret government whirlpool bath.


But you can see Russia from Alaska!


Well, all the better then!


Wouldn’t be the first time Utah had conflict with the Feds


As much as I hate the NSA’s specific spying actions and lack of oversight, they are there to actually perform a job that is important. Furhtermore this deadshit moron (R? What a surprise!) clearly thinks they consume 1.7 million gallons of water a day. The water is recycled and reused you stupid fuck.