Vaccination fears fuel Minnesota measles outbreak


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And the dumbening continues to propel the U.S. toward developing nation status.



Did we mention that anti-vaxxers are the moral equivalent to serial random mass murderers of mostly children?

Because anti-vaxxers are the moral equivalent of serial random mass murderers of mostly children.


No it is worse than that.


Fuck Wakefield. Fuck him with a sharpened, barbed, splintery stick.


Wakefield was actually here in the Twin Cities a few years ago to fuel this fire directly.

He preyed on the Somali immigrant community here. MPLS should have a standing warrant for his arrest.

When this latest outbreak began, the anti-vaxers again reached out to the Somali community:

This is extremely surprising and disconcerting for a state–and metro area–that prides itself on not being dumbasses.


I feel awful for the Somali community. A lot of their life experience probably tells them to mistrust government entities. They’ve emigrated to a country with the Tuskegee experiment as part of its recent history, and with a monstrous, predatory healthcare establishment that clearly has too much influence on our government policies. And now a seemingly compassionate group of Americans, people who’ve lived in this country and ostensibly know the ins and outs, is reaching out to the Somali community and telling them vaccines are bad. When I try to put myself in their shoes, I can easily imagine how difficult it would be to make a good decision.


Surely this story won’t be complete until somebody attempts to stir up resentment against the ignorant, disease-riddled, immigrants?

I’m pretty sure that’s just a standard part of the script.

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