Vaccine-caused illness cured by hidden TV cameras


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Vaccine-caused illness cured by hidden TV cameras

Well, this is good news - in our current surveillance state, no one should ever get sick!


I get that “disease” when too much whiskey falls into my mouth. Hidden cams aren’t necessary, I freely admit the bottle jumps off the shelf and thusly I get over-served.



Girl needs some help.


Someone’s looking to file a bogus law suit.


That dub step remix omg when the beat drops. 10/10


In her defense…I got nuthin’.


Damnit i was gonna use that joke!

I got nothin on this woman. Sorry.


I can’t watch the video, so can someone please assure me that this person’s privacy isn’t being invaded?

I have no objection to the person being filmed in public to show their hypocrisy, but I’d like to at least be assured that they’re not spying on her in her own home to prove their point, because that’d be a step too far.


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@nimelennar it’s just a local news staton recording her walking to her car etc. - don’t worry, no toilet shots.


It was all stuff filmed in public spaces.


I have that issue as well! I say we apply for a grant and move to the nearest pub/bar for further research.


It’s a miracle!


This is a very unpleasant phrase. Would you please choose a less disgusting one?


I am shocked beyond belief. This is just incredible. Are you really telling me that Inside Edition is still on the air?


That’s so crazy to me. Like, she thought she would be able to fake an extremely unbelievable health concern without following through? Fraud of the kind she was attempting requires serious commitment and an iron will.


Because it might offend flashy prostitutes?

(Feel free to flag if you think necessary, and genuinely let me know why you think it’s so unpleasant, I hesitated before posting it but honestly wasn’t sure why)


I think if you edited to “Attention-sex-worker” it might shift you over to the side of all that is good and correct in this topic-space.

Then again, maybe not…


Narcissistic street-walker?