Valve Steam Deck teardown makes clear you should not get the cheap one thinking you can easily upgrade it

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So impressed with valve for posting this.

Most tech companies wouldn’t ever dream of doing something similar. Plus the hint of spare parts being available in the future is extremely good news for right to repair.

Does indeed look risky to open, but i’m so glad that you can.

Now i have to sit here and try to be patient, I’ve got one of the 512GB models reserved for Q1 2022 :slight_smile:


I think they’re terrified of being seen as making consoles when their whole thing is catering to PC gamers. Hence the emphasis on owning things and being able to tinker.

I did like the parting words (paraphrased) “If you’ve been following these instructions, you’ve done none of these things.”


Why is he wearing nitrile gloves to tear down something that’s clean and not harmed by fingerprints? Also his ESD strap is over the glove, meaning the contact is insulated from his skin and thus doing nothing.



A few months ago after the preorders went up I had a feeling that the SSDs weren’t meant to be upgraded by the average joe so i cancelled my order and got the high end one. Glad i did so though now i won’t get my order until like Q3 or Q4 next year

He likes fumbling with tiny screws and dropping things, like, a lot.

I love nitrile gloves for things like carburetor rebuilds and oil changes. Working on electronics, not so much.

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it’s a pity they used self-tapping screws - the cost differential to be fully repeatedly serviceable would have been low, and I’d have happily paid an extra buck or two on a $600+ purchase. Making the platform more open, and potentially upgradeable, increases it’s value significantly.


Just watched this video by LTT, doing a reaction to the valve video.

Caught a few things i didn’t notice

Did like the mention of the Fairphone, which is the phone i have for that very reason :slight_smile:


I have ESD safe nitrile gloves that I use for repairing contaminated sensitive electronics, namely for the disassembly part. Theyre a distinct pale white with ESD markings. The wriststrap goes over the glove because the wrist is covered by a bunny suit.

Its a pretty niche use case. Why this guy is doing it I couldn’t say. And they look like regular nitrile gloves.

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The video briefly acknowledges that this is an error when it talks about the ESD strap.


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