Games console/phone refurbishing kit with specialized case-opening tools


Look, I just emptied a steamer trunk full of Wire That Might Be Useful One Day, in order to keep Sane People things in it. Please don’t show me stuff like that…


figures. I received the pro tech tool kit for christmas thinking
i don’t need any other type of tool kit to fix a broken xbox
i received for free…


Needs a pentalobe driver, a low-power heat gun (for softening glue,) and a suction cup (for pulling up glass.)

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Spudger central!

"Ah, Toad, please sit down. You have spent my entire childhood affirming the existence of ‚Äėanother castle‚Äô. I now have the tools to‚Ķ overcome‚Ķ any reluctance on your part concerning a more specific discussion of this castle‚Äôs location‚Ķ

Please. Do not…make it necessary… to resort to any of the more specialized techniques"

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Absolutely. Also two suction cups.

That’s why it comes with its own case(and generously roomy foam insert, with enough space to carve additional slots for more stuff). You can keep your newly freed steamer trunk and have a box full of spudgers!

(Typed from desk supported by two stacks of obsolete rackmount hardware; but definitely no hoarding tendencies. Just a totally rational desire to, um, have enough antiquated firewalls and WAN load balancers to survive the harsh winter…)


it looks cool and stuff but 99$ for that is way way beyond what I would call actual market value for the collection of the items included.

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But you kept a box full of ‚Äėstring too short to be of use‚Äô, right?

Indeed. Some things like the Game Bits and tri-wing screwdriver might be a little hard to source, but they’re definitely out there. I never even knew there was such a thing as an XBox 360 opening tool, but it seems that’s cheap too. I figure $30 or so.

‚ÄúThinkgeek have teamed up with‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

As much as they can be fun to browse, Thinkgeek veers dangerously into ‚ÄėBasically Brookstone for people who have heard of compilers‚Äô when you get to pricing.

More generally, with most of the oddball screwdriver heads and assorted low-end-rework gear, it’s just not even worth trying to compete on price with the guy in Hong Kong selling…excitingly unpredictable…tools on ebay that are usually the correct shape and often last for multiple uses. Anybody who isn’t that guy is betting that you’ll pay more to receive a tool of less variable quality, in less time, and with less searching. Thinkgeek pushes a bit further than many(though, if you need an Aperture Science Logo Spatula, and you need it now, who you gonna call?).


Well, obviously. I’m not crazy…

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