Vanilla Ice and the birth of inauthentic hip hop

that is true stephen colbert GIF by Obama

Shirley Temple Giggle GIF

That word is always funny.

Anyways… here’s RTJ…


when I rap along with the songs I listen to, I censor the N word by substituting “honky.” I’ve been self-applying it since college, too.

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Golden State Warriors Lol GIF by NBA

I just skip the word but this is sooooo much better. Bravo!

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he never should have been a solo act

“pretty face in somebody else’s dance troupe” was where he belonged


I can’t recall, did he actually dance? I thought they hired guys to dance around or behind him.

He was right there with them

I don’t know if it’s considered good or bad in the dance world when we can see them sweat but he could have done workout videos

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