Vaping Victory?

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I think a large number of vapers would hail this as a victory.

Next up, chewing tobacco. Then cowboys!

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Thank fuck. So glad to see sensible laws being passed to prevent these obnoxious, offensively selfish assholes from poisoning the rest of us with their disgusting cancermist.


I don’t know…I had to sit next to a very famous sports agent on a flight from Chicago to Orange County and apparently he thought first class meant that he could drink a large quantity of alcohol, and chew tobacco and spit it in a cup. Super gross.

He also drove himself home.:open_mouth:

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We had a lot of Dutch guys in one of the oil companies I used to work for chew tobacco throughout most meetings. God damn the stench! They would use stuff that came in these weird, almost wax-like babybell shaped tobacco containers, some kind of special chewing tobacco that’s popular over there. Well, one of my colleagues made the mistake of thinking someone had left some upmarket cheese in one of the late lunch meetings and peeled this thing open. Had never seen someone turn properly grey before, didn’t think it was really possible. Like overcast sky grey, like a stone. Unsettling.

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