Varidesk - excellent adjustable standing desk

I have two 24" LED monitors side by side vertically (“portrait mode” if you will) on a steel clamping pole mount. The bottoms of the monitors are about four inches above the surface the mount is clamped on.

Do you think there’s any chance the Varidesk would work with that rig? The leverage is pretty significant.

I’ve been looking for something like this for some time. No room for a floor-standing device and my cobbled-together stand does not lower for sitting…

Sounds like a GeekDesk ( I’ve got one and love it. I purchased just the base and added my own top.

It looks like the Varidesk can only be put in two positions: up or down, but nothing in between. That’s a shame because I like the flexibility of raising or lowering my desk by only a few inches at a time. That’s why I got a motorized one. Expensive but worth it since I spend most of my day standing in front of it. Bonus: my keyboard tray lets me adjust the height of the keyboard independent of the desk.

I just use a filing cabinet that’s about the right size. Most of the work I do can be dictated, so I don’t miss having a mouse at an ergonomic height too much. Still, I’m planning to make something to hold a mouse and keyboard so that I’m not too limited.

Have you checked out using the Original Stand Steady desk? I have one and love it. For $150 you can’t beat the price!

Could work. The concern would be the weight distribution concentrated at one point rather than spread across the surface. The Varidesk has a weighted bottom so it acts as a counter-balance when fully extended. Maybe if you had it positioned next to a wall or other support so as to avoid tipping. Can’t say for sure though.

Not true. You can position it at almost any height. There are two side levers that unlock the extensions and lock it into different heights.

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Ah. Good to see they’re using the old $1 -> £1 currency conversion rate when selling in the UK.


Yeah, but in all but the upper- or lowermost settings it is set farther back because of the nature of how it swings back-to-front rather than directly up or down. That means when you lock it in the halfway position, everything on the top surface (presumably your monitor) is farther away from your eyes.

Mark, this seems like overkill. The monitor needs an easy way to move up and down. This can be done with an Ergotron sit-stand monitor arm. The keyboard can be placed on a small cheap stand depending on whether or not you’re in standing mode. Here’s my setup:

I do the same thing after an ergo exam yielded the need for an $1800 robotic standing desk. I bought one wide Ikea Lack coffee table, which gives me enough space for a keyboard, phone, and writing space, and then another for my docked laptop. My cubicle has a wall shelf where I sit my monitor. My setup was $44, and I had the tables shipped because I’m too lazy to drive 50 miles on my own time to save my company $10.

One of the nice side effects of the standing desk is that I have an automatic “I’m here” notification. If I’m sitting, the high separator walls mean people have to walk around the office to see if I’m there. Standing, you can see me from almost anywhere in the huge room.

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