Vatican spells Jesus wrong on commemorative coin

The new “inverted jenny” commemorative issue contains some deliberate errors.

To Delight Stamp Collectors, Postal Service Turns a Famous Mistake Upside Down

Conspiracy theory, please?

I knew something terrible would happen!

Right - but I was just holding out hope. Saw no rational reason it could be so, wasn’t seriously conjecturing the possibility, just holding out hope.

Hope for a freaky inter-religious conspiracy war sneaking its way into commemorative coinage? That would be cooler than a mere typo. (It would also make a pretty good sequel to The Crying of Lot 49.)

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Muslim is not an alphabet or a language, so I’ll assume the poster meant Arabic, the language of the Quran. The rules of transliterating Arabic to Latin are not known to me, but in English, the Arabic name of Jesus (whom they consider an important prophet) is commonly transliterated as ‘Isa’. I would expect the Latin transliteration to be similar.

Not Lebus.

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I’m so disappointed it wasn’t Jebus.


Don’t you mean IESVS?

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Help us, Jeebus!

Lesbos would be better.

I imagine it’s more like, the first few people who got it said “Oh, look, more Jesus swag. yawn” and didn’t look at it at all. After all, the first few people to get ANYTHING are probably the higher ups in the organization.

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You guys are illiterate when it comes to Biblical history. Lesus was Jesus’s less talented younger brother. He was only able to turn water into urine, but did have the ability to become invisible in certain situations (such as when in the company of his brother). He is also known for proving that the meek shall inherit the earth, but only after everyone else is done with it. :frowning:


The Arabic spelling of Jesus is either Isa or Issa. In fact, I saw Jesus not too long ago, and he is doing fine, thanks for asking…

So, sadly no. They can infight about lots of other things, though, I’m sure.

As for Papa Francisco, I think the cleaning of house of this scandals is probably a lot harder for him than making some nice gestures as he’s done. We can hope, though.

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I think the doomsday needle backed off a couple of minutes when he said the Catholic Church wont be used as a political football anymore. I hope he can make that stick.

Please, abortion should be a private matter. It is disgusting to have it used to drive a wedge between people. I am happy that he has at least acknowledged this.

Tangent concluded.

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