Issue design citations with the Typographic Ticket Book


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Love this. But, alas, I’m going to have to assess them $400 for trusting Google Translate to render Latin correctly.

Best guess (twenty-plus years out of my last Latin class): “Symbolum amplifica.”


Neat. I wish I could get just a PDF to share within the office. haha.


Strange how much this “ticket book” uses all caps when all caps is one of the violations. I guess that is one of the ironies of trying to mimic the structure of a ticket book, with all of its conventions, while at the same time being a book of fines for some of those conventions.


These were also in the goodie bag handed out at Adobe Max last week.


This did seem like a high-level summoning of Lord Muphry…


i couldn’t make it to max this year, but my wife went and brought one back. pretty funny. not impressed with the hoodie/gift, though.




I’d love to issue citations to all the damn food carts, coffee trucks, and small businesses in my area that use Papyrus like it’s a universal typeface for every different new age, fantasy, old timey, rustic, etc themed business.



I can use Helvetica whenever I damn want! [rips up ticket]




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