Vegas TB probe widens after mom, baby die, dozens infected; but CDC mostly shut down


Shouldn’t the mere presence of clinically visible TB (deaths or not) in Vegas be Really Serious Freakout Territory? Or have we gotten to the point where some mixture of incompetence and rapid international travel mean that TB is coming back into style, and only really makes the news if it’s atypically drug resistant?

The article said that the rate of TB has gone down over the years, but I’m not sure the source of that information. I recall recently reading about antibiotic resistant cases being on the rise. We should freak out that there isn’t proper screening or adequate diagnosis and quarantine until it has spread, but again, I think government agencies tend to be reactionary and not on the ball to head these things off. And hospitals are notoriously bad places to go if you are sick (or healthy). My thoughts on resolution are that we should simply pump more money into the NSA, this way we get rid of the pesky fragile weak, we have less people on the health roster, and everyone wins all around. Survival of the fittest and those who can afford private rooms. (sarcasm)

I wonder about the investigation regarding the unpasteurized milk and what if anything was done in Latin America, or if we can expect many more untreated travels bringing TB to the US. It said nothing about her method of travel. If it had been a plane, I would think those people should be notified as well.

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