Venezuela hit by second electrical blackout in one month, capital city of Caracas mostly without power

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Attempting 5th world status. The victims are the citizens living under the asshole President Maduro rule.


Was it that German dam again?


I hear Vicki Lawrence is working on the song.


Hope the Russians packed their generators.


Not the legitimate president based on the Venezuelan constitution but that’s another conversation.

I have family in the Caracas area and they’re… ok all things considered but it’s certainly grim right now.


Someone should help these poor people. Let me pause the show on my 65 inch flat screen and get a snack from the fridge and then I’ll start a hastag.


Which US PMC is being funded for this little operation I wonder… hmmm


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro blamed that earlier blackout on internet-based “sabotage” by U.S. president Donald Trump.

Pretty much the only option given that Trotsky and Zinoviev have been dead for a while.


Hey Putin! send some technicians to help your vassal state.

Aruba is less than 20 miles from Venezuela. Call me paranoid, but I’d have a small boat on standby, just in case.

I lived in the state that’s just south of Aruba, you can see it from the coast so I wouldn’t be surprised some people have tried


The real reason, of course, is the complete and all-encompassing corruption, incompetence, and general uselessness of the Chavistas, especially Maduro.

The Venezuelan electricity network is probably too old-fashioned and un-“smart” to be susceptible to a hacking attack.

I was hoping you guys would have made an update way before. After the previous blackout, the represion against everybody speaking about this stuff has intensified. They arrested for a few days, and still have under gag orders and orders to go to court all weeks, a prominent young internet activist and journalist, Luis Calros Díaz. His crime, according to Diosdado Cabello and his team in his routine hate TV segment and social media, was that he “obviously” knew of the blackout in advance as he was speaking about it before it happened, and for that they used a doctored segment of a video.

The full segment of the video shows him and his wife answering a question from somebody about what to do in case of an “informational” blackout, aka censorship, and he extended it to even an electrical blackout. Basically telling people in case of a blackout of information of any kind, clean out your phone, make as much space as possible, and document what is happening, because it will be needed, and we all need to help each other be informed.

From that, they just made him a “conspirator” in the “attack”, and proceeded to arrest him in their traditional way - that is, just kidnapp him and have the family wonder for hours where the hell was he, till he was driven home… to seize his stuff and back to the dungeons.

He has been “excarcelated”, but again, still “charged” with something.

Now the Prosecutor is on fire and says that they will apply the “Hate law” to everybody because people are saying awful stuff online and demanding death and fire and of course is all the opposition and the US plan.

And not like, you know, after a week with no dependable electricity you may very well wish for all of them to have a kidney stone at minimum.

As usual, a lot of people just buy the excuses, specially abroad, because they fit the narrative, but if you know the history of the last 20 years you know there have been warnings about the awful state of the electrical network, the incredible amount of corruption in the plans to modernize and expand it, the fact that, as everything else, maintenance is a thing of the past, and of course the brain drain, as anybody with any actual knowledge has at least tried to get away, leaving at best well intentioned people without any idea of how to deal with the complex systems, and at worst a fucking military gorilla without a clue but “very red” ordering workers that are metaphorically fed up but actually starving.


There’s always Kropotkin! Oh, wait, no. . . . .

…maybe because the power is out, they can’t comment about the power being out?

I’m glad that the electricity is back on in Puerto Rico so we can worry about Venezuela!

Or maybe the outrage over Venezuela can wait the same amount of time it took to restore power in PR. I wonder why the MSM barely mentioned the fact that it was months before electricity was fully restored there.

Maybe it has something to do with a certain black sticky liquid.

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Or, you know, the outrage about Venezuela AND the outrage about Puerto Rico should continue, and intensify, till both corrupt and incompetent goverments are fixed. And we all can at least give moral support, if not something more significant, to the victims, everywhere.

But thats too complicated, is easier just to insult and belittle the suffering of others to make a point in your fight, because who cares about Venezuelans, right? What’s important is MY stuff, and the rest of the world is just a prop for it.

Few years ago it was the hope of social change for the hemisphere, now is “why are we talking about that dump”.

I wonder why Venezuela was chosen to “fix”, when a similar situation (corrupt and incompetent governance) exists in probably 90% of the world. The USA could certainly drop Freedom Bombs on those countries, or sabotage their economic system by onerous sanctions, just as easily as Venezuela.

May it has something to do with a certain black sticky liquid.