Verizon store customer insists he is "definitely part of ISIS"


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All he needs to do is go outside and show them the drone that is ready to bomb him!


I’m pretty sure I heard Trump say he was endorsed by ISIS more than once.


Is there a way to make it stop at 1:06?


“he was calling to get his posse to get them”

Tis the season…


Love Steins Gate!





Yes, click the share link, then under the link will be a box that you check, and the time you want it to start at. This works on computers, not sure phones.


Who says “C-4 explosive” and not simply “C-4”?


“I’m not even kidding”, he continued. “Like, for real. Fucking ISIS, man.”


People who play too much Battleship?


It doesn’t work on BBS, though. Never understood why. Perhaps @codinghorror knows.

(Discussion recap: YouTube share links with start time parameters.)


Ok wait… is it a crime to say you are part of ISIS? If so, what law would that be? The headline reads “Irwin man accused of talking about ISIS”. Will I go to jail if I talk about ISIS?
Or perhaps he was arrested for wearing a ski mask.
Did he threaten anyone?
The official charges are listed as: terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and defiant trespass.
So what was the threat, who decided what conduct was orderly and why is it a crime to act differently, and since he left the store, how can he be charged with trespass?


It works:


It doesn’t? I swear I have pasted stuff in the past that have worked… shit maybe I better test it again.


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