Verizon's new big budget tech-news site prohibits reporting on NSA spying or net neutrality



Given verizon’s own privacy issues this does not particularly surprise me. It’s disappointing, but not surprising.

What’s that you say? [Major corporation] purchases the [media outlet], orders employees to skip any mention of wrongdoing related to [major corporation]? I’m shocked, Shocked, I tell you!

But hey, corporations are people, too! They’ve got feelings and such…

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Just another example of green journalism: pay me and I’ll write whatever you want…

VZ haiku:

Fucking Verizon
They laid me off from my job
Then asked if I’d scab

G-T-E was good
Until the Telecom Act
Then Bell bought it up

Verizon plays “switch”
They stick one thumb up their ass
Till someone says “switch”

It’s been 8 whole years
Since Verizon laid me off
No I’m not bitter


Aldous Huxley would just be ever so proud!

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