Ajit Pai killed Net Neutrality and Trump gave away a huge tax break; Verizon got billions and killed 10,000 jobs

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From what I’ve heard it is voluntary, but not guaranteed. A friend volunteered, but was denied due to business needs.

Working as intended.


Oh FFS. “Ajit Pai was a Verizon exec.” He was like an associate general counsel for, what, three years – fifteen years ago. If there are fewer than 20 “associate” general counsels at Verizon, I’d be shocked. I get y’all don’t like him, but this canard that he was an “executive” at the place is just so silly.

Feeling guilty. I read the first three words of the headline and my mind went to a very different place. :thinking::zipper_mouth_face::speak_no_evil:


At this rate he will be.

Just a reminder about trickle down economics…
Smart people use the extra money to hire more accountants to plug the leaks


I followed the link but it didn’t explain how it was illegal to ignore pro neutrality comments.

I was a Web dev for Verizon a long time ago and took this deal when they offered it last time. I think the article missed the real story here.

This was a great deal for those of us who were allowed to take it. The best devs all took the money and either immediately got better jobs elsewhere or got hired back as contractors at twice the salary the next day. The real story here isn’t how bad this is for employees— rather how insanely bad it is for the company.

Leadership there (I use that term loosely) believes that all technical staff are the same. Anyone can be replaced with anyone else - so they use this ‘voluntary retirement’ deal to remove longer term more highly paid staff with more exp. The side effect is that everything goes to crap at a technical level when all your leads with all their tribal knowledge leave -last time it created chaos for many products even with contracting many folks back. It’s a dumb practice crafted by people with no technical understanding that makes Verizon software so much worse.

Try to remember this next time you ask how their dev’s could miss an obvious security hole or fail to patch a server and 10,000,000 users get breached. The lead in charge of that software along with all its sr devs probably took early retirement and the next guy didn’t even know there was a server to patch… good times

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