Very agile doggos

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That is much cuter than the self-satisfied dogs from the first video. Like, oh, what, you think you’re better than me? You know you could do the course faster if you didn’t bark the whole time, right?

I love these. Sometimes, on the long straight sections (like on the elevated balance beam), I get the impression that the dog would go faster if the human could keep up!

Gotta put your money on the herding dogs here. Some, like border collies, are so smart they can almost drive themselves to the event. But they can’t be trusted not to speed. Or get distracted trying to herd SUVs.


TBF, many SUVs could use a bit of herding, yeah?


There’s Jinx at 25:00 mins, who is also a Proper Dog, made of bits of fancy dogs all glued together.

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And floppy-eared Tiquita at 14:30 whose jump into the arms of her trainer after her run is just the best

ETA: I made gifs


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