This lost dog got lucky when she let herself into a police station (video)

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Good boys, good boys
Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do?
When someone loses you?


Some dogs just treat law enforcement like customer service, I guess.


Dogs shouldn’t be walking other dogs. They’re not human children, they can’t watch each other.


Having had border collies, I think they could be trained to do exactly that. That being said, the border collie I had several years ago got off his leash once, and he just took off. I don’t know why, but he acted like he had just broken out of Alcatraz. And I am physically incapable of running. Thankfully, a kind stranger saw me hobbling after this world class sprinter of a dog and stopped his car, opened his door, and my dog just hopped in his car without hesitation. Then the stranger stopped to let me in his car with my dog and drove us to my home. Thankfully, he wasn’t a serial killer, just a guy who liked dogs.


There’s no getting past a border collie. Clever dogs.


So glad that your dog got back to you! I should have had a /s at the end of my comment, I don’t actually think that human children are better suited to supervising each other than doggos.


A collie i know went for an adventure when his human was at work… the news was all over facebook about this stray fellow and I’d received a few calls from concerned friends. Someone eventually put the dots together and the doggo was returned home. Owner of doggo only found out the next day that the whole town was looking out for Woody!
My grandmother had a collie named Sunny that would gently collect the freshly layed chicken eggs and deliver them to her door each morning one by one.
Love collies!


rouge shepard lost in translation…

ripley was here…


Collies, the flower of Doggidom.


Just to note that a working collie will cover up to 40 miles of ground in a day. They do need plenty of exercise.
I used to know one whose sight was going so could not always see the ball that was thrown. It was fascinating to see her quarter the ground in a fairly orderly manner seeking it by smell. In much the same way they will do when working.


Any other dog, I’d think it was coincidence they went to a police station and not a random store or house. Border collie? I think that dog knew exactly what they were doing.


Yes they run!
Greyhounds run fast but sleep most of the day so are a great urban pet as long as you can give them a short amount of time everyday.
The best thing a human can do is understand the doggos nature and not adopt one that doesn’t fit.
Had the joy of walking an urban collie (bad fit) at a country footy ground in the rain, she would find the deepest puddle and lay flat out waiting to round up other dogs ears back, loving it.
If your not prepared to wash mud off your dog or the stink of a dead bird around it’s muzzle then a collie is not for you.
Just don’t buy the cute flat faced dogs that can’t even breathe properly because they have been genetically engineered to be a ‘pet’.


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