Talented border collie knows many tricks and routines


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Gotta train Border collies or they can be a real pain in the ass.

Well, that goes for all dogs. But Border collies, you don’t give 'em a job, they’ll find it, like setting up bot nets or dressing up in a trench coat and becoming Uber drivers that chase off after squirrels.


Pfft. I could beat him at chess, probably.


Just emailed that to a few friends under: Why is my dog so stupid?

Well he’s cute and cuddly anyway…


Magic is an Australian Shepherd, you can tell by the docked tail. They generally don’t do that to Border Collies (actually there seems to be movement away from it with Aussies). They’re incredibly talented. My Aussie, Stevie Rae Dawg, went blind when she was 3, and in familiar settings you’d never know she wasn’t sighted.

Nowhere near as flaky as Border Collies (yes, some prejudice there)


Your not fooling me, that’s a guy in a dog suit.


The Christian right warned us that gay marriage was a slippery slope…



(OB short lived twitter meme)


does she hire herself out to train kids? just asking…


Magic’s name is actually Secret, which it says right in the video.

Did anyone actually watch the clip?


Super talented. Worth noting that as it mentions in the video clip, Secret is a Border Collie cross Australian Shepherd, hence the missing tail.



Not a BC. Duh.


That’s definitely not a full border collie, but so what. That’s still a smart dog. My border collie is very smart, although he doesn’t do yoga. He does have about 50 toys, all of which he knows by name and can retrieve them by name from a bucket in the other room when you tell him to go get Sammy (a stuffed monkey) or Jerry (a stuffed giraffe) or any of the others, all of which have names. Yes, I said 50 toys! He might be a little spoiled. Maybe. I don’t care, because he’s the best dog ever and he deserves it.


Here’s one trick my mother’s border collie never learned - lay the f$@% down and stop trying to herd the f#$ing cats…


Wait- I call bullshit. All dogs run when you turn on the vacuum cleaner.


My dog Ivory does not run. She stands a few feet away and watches in fascination:


Border Collies herd. It’s what they do. That’s like asking a bee to not make honey. Mine tends to herd people. We have no cats. But anytime we have guests over, if they’re in the house very long, the dog goes apeshit when they try to leave and tries to keep them from leaving. It’s worse when I leave. I have to throw a treat down the hall for him, which for some reason he understands to mean I will return.


Does he ever save the treat until you return?


Yep, a good few years ago we had a Collie who was from a family of welsh working dogs. She’d never seen sheep before but when my parents got some she knew exactly what to do.