Vice obtained Larry Flynt's "absolutely wild" FBI file

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“If the First Amendment will protect a scumbag like me, then it will protect all of you, because I’m the worst.”



It’s one of my favorite quotes ever. Up there with any of the founding fathers. That’s how I view the purpose of many laws and civic institutions. I even use a modified version to explain why Black Lives Matter is important to everyone: “If the law will protect the most disadvantaged, then it will protect all of us.” People immediately understand what the implications of the opposite mean.


Flynt was wrong. Trickle down human rights don’t work.

Derek Chauvin committed one of the most heinous crimes ever caught on film. All of us saw it.

“If fair trials are given to Chauvin, then they’ll be given to all of us because Chauvin was the worst,” doesn’t have a ring of truth to it at all.

The unfairness is the preference for people with power.


He may have had a sleazy reputation, but Hustler paid freelance writers quite a bit more than, say Penthouse. A lot more, which is to say an actually fair rate, if you could get a story accepted. Back in the 90s at least; I don’t know what they’re doing these days.

I know this cuz reasons.


I kept telling people I read it for the articles.


When I was in college, I delivered flowers, primarily for Lee’s Flowers (Wilshire & San Vicente, now kaput) of Beverly Hills.

Larry Flynt was the only person (famous or not) to tip me. Ever.


Flynt is one of these people that I need to learn more about. Was he terrible person who did good things? Or the opposite? Or somewhere in the middle?
I vaguely recall the People Vs Larry Flynt - and my suspicions are he was somewhere in the middle.
His name comes up here on BB fairly regularly so perhaps the answer is in older posts.

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I think you’re on to something here.

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All people* matter!

    • In the ‘originalist’ sense, of course: white male land owners. And their property, which is sometimes human but not people. It’s… complicated?

That doesn’t mean his work with regards to free speech is entirely without merit.


Hoover__Wed like to know a bit about you_phixr


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